Sense of Elegence with consignment shopping


As a blogger on a budget combined with living in the fashion mecca of the world, it can definitely be tiresome. I mean honestly, looking at the price tag of thousand dollar items these days is just not accessible for everyone, including me! So today, I’m sharing my favorite pieces that I scouted out at some of the notable consignment stores located in New York City.

In fashion, there are times when to save and times when to splurge.   When shopping for a trendy item – remember, you might only get one, or if you’re lucky, two seasons out of it. In other words, be careful with your spending limit. Some trends for example, are peplum, polka dots, knee-high boots, or camouflage print.

In today’s look, I’m featuring my Zara knee-high boots that I bought at the second-hand clothing store, Buffalo Exchange, for only $38. (Practically 70% off.) These long leather lookers are on trend, worth the cost, and pair perfectly with the chilly winter weather. Better yet, knee-highs have an alluring appeal mixed with a sophisticated twist and be paired with virtually anything.

At times, I thirst for trends, but all the time, I crave a classic style.

Of course your wardrobe reflects your individualistic style, but, classics can go a long way, and there’s always an empty hanger for a stylish investment. This Burberry trench coat immediately caught my eye as I was shopping in the consignment store, Beacons Closet. Without even glancing at the price (assuming it was out of my price range), I slipped my arms in for fun, felt a comfortable fit, looked in the mirror, and instantly fell in love with every inch of my soon-to-be jacket, at first sight. I think that’s the type of feeling you get when you wear a Classic piece; a subtle moment of grace with a high sense of elegance- eluding off a look you know is powerful. Even before I saw the discounted price: $159, I knew this iconic Burberry London trench coat was meant to be mine. (P.S. This coat retails over $1,000!) That being said, here are 10 classic items worth the splurge.

10 Classic Investments (neutral colors)

  1. A little Black dress
  2. Blazer
  3. Riding boots
  4. Ballet flats
  5. Trench coat
  6. White blouse
  7. Denim jeans
  8. High heeled pumps
  9. Pencil skirt
  10. Black trousers
Styled by: Self
Pictures by: Self

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